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HAELO Rollup Sneeze Guard

The HAELO rollup sneeze guard is a great choice for businesses looking for a professional looking sneeze guard.
Economically priced, this indoor sneeze guard features a sturdy slim-line cassette, two all-aluminum feet, fixed three-piece bungee pole and grip top rail for easy installation.
Manufactured from aluminum, the HAELO is lightweight and durable, and takes a couple of minutes to set up or take down by one person without tools.
Utilizing 7mil polyester, the screen is more durable and transparent when compared to screens that use 5mil PVC. Additionally, it is easy to clean with water, detergent, and non-corrosive disinfectants.
When sneeze guards are no longer needed, the HAELO easily converts into a regular banner stand. Packed in a polyester bag for protection and can easily be transported by its carry handle or shoulder strap from place to place. They are ideal for locations such as:
  • Retail stores and Shopping malls
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Doctor’s offices and clinics
  • Hotel foyers and restaurants
  • Schools and gyms
  • Easy to clean with water, detergent and disinfectant.
  • 7mil polyester has high durability and clarity.
  • Grip top rail for quick graphic installation.
  • Convertible to banner stand.
  • Deluxe features at an economy price.
  • Fixed height three-piece bungee pole.
  • Two all aluminum feet for added stability.
  • UNPADDED polyester carrying bag for easy travel.


SKU 35076 - HAELO Rollup Sneeze Guard - 33.5"W x 79"H
SKU 40303 - 7mil PET Sneeze Guard - 33.5"W x 79"H


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