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DEFLECTO Acrylic Splash Guard

The DEFLECTO clear acrylic splash guard is excellent at providing protection for your staff and customers, especially during COVID-19, where airborne illnesses are at an extreme.
Use the splash guard to enforce social distancing, while still allowing transactions and payments to take place with the build in slot.
Utilizing a tool-less assembly, there are cut outs in the material which allows the screen to slide into the base.
DEFLECTO is lightweight and portable. At 4mm thick, it allows quick and easy transfer of the guard between desk to countertop, or station to station.
Can be placed side by side to increase the barrier width - extending the protection.
DEFLECTO is simple and easy to clean. Create a hygienic and comfortable environment all year-round.
Great for use in:
  • Checkout counters
  • Receptionist desks
  • Bank teller windows
  • Grocery stores
  • Any food service establishment
  • Added protection against airborne illnesses.
  • Transparent, easy to see through.
  • Enforces social distancing.
  • Tool-less assembly.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Can be placed side-by-side to increase coverage.
  • Built in transaction/payment slot.
  • Simple and easy to clean.


SKU 33113 - DEFLECTO Acrylic Screen - 39.3" x 31.5"


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